Bill Morgan

We are thrilled to unveil Bill Morgan as our distinguished Key Speaker for the XRP Gold Coast 2024 Conference: Mr. Bill Morgan, from Morgan Mac Lawyers!

Billis not just a legal luminary; he's also an invaluable community member. He has been the guiding light for countless individuals seeking to understand the intricate legal nuances of the SEC vs. Ripple case. With his expertise and commitment, Bill has been instrumental in breaking down complex legal jargon into easily digestible information, helping the XRP community gain a comprehensive understanding of the case's details. With a career spanning over two decades and a genuine passion for educating and empowering the community, Bill is set to deliver an enlightening session that promises to be the highlight of the conference!

Don't miss this golden opportunity to gain insights into the latest legal developments in the world of XRP and blockchain technology. Mark your calendars for an event that combines legal expertise and innovation for an unparalleled experience!

Stay tuned for more details and updates as we get closer to the event.
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